For Amy Spark, her family is what she treasures the most. On her father’s birthday, her mother, archeologist Elizabeth Spark, disappears without a trace. The mystery of her mother’s disappearance deepens when Nick Jones, a boy she never met before, turns up claiming his brother and Amy’s mother were working secretly on the search for an ancient temple, and now they are both missing.

Time is running fast, and even not believing in him, he’s the only hope she has. With her inseparable cat, Oscar, Amy joins Nick on a search deep into the forests of Mau Island, where the police have found a solid piece of evidence.

Thrown together by chance, Amy and Nick will have to join forces to face the dangers and obstacles in their way on a thrilling journey with breathtaking surprises.

What they discover will change everything, but they will soon find out they are not alone in this search.

3D book2